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As part of our on going improvements to the farm and to keep pace with an ever changing world we at Horlands Farm take consumer confidence in food very seriously.  To ease people's fears about the way food is produced several assurance schemes have been created nationally. 

We at Horlands Farm are part of three such schemes, which cover the livestock and fruit we produce.  As a member of the schemes we have regular farm audits to check that the standards are being applied.  We believe these schemes are a must in order to keep England's historic good name for producing amongst  the best and safest food in the world.






Horlands Farm are currently members of:


Farm Assurance Scheme

The FABBL (Farm Assured British Beef and Lamb) Farm Assurance Scheme was set up in 1992 to give retailers and consumers     confidence  in British livestock production standards. The Beef and Lamb Standards currently   cover identification and traceability, farm animal management, environment & hygiene    management, feed composition, housing and handling facilities, medicines and veterinary treatments and transport of livestock.

FABBL No: 24440BL


Assured Produce Scheme

APS is an industry wide initiative that addresses all the important issues concerning the    production of 'produce' - fruit, salads and vegetables. The scheme has been awarded UKAS accreditation, the international yardstick of quality assurance that gives it global credibility.

APS promotes safe and environmentally responsible production of fruit, salads and vegetables through the use of integrated crop management (ICM). This is a philosophy that recognises the need for crop production to be both economically and environmentally sustainable.

APS is designed to maintain consumers' confidence in the safety and integrity of the produce they eat. Growers must follow the best production advice contained in the crop specific  protocols that form the basis of the scheme. It is an independently assessed assurance scheme.               

  APS Member Number: 4935

Natures Choice

Tesco's Assurance Scheme


Nature's Choice is an integrated farm management scheme and is unique to Tesco. Introduced in 1992, it sets environmental standards and specifies shape, size, taste, variety and shelf life requirements.

Nature's Choice environmental standards

  • Rational use of plant protection products, fertilisers and manures

  • Pollution prevention

  • Protection of human health

  • Use of energy, water and other natural resources

  • Recycling and re-use of material

  • Wildlife and landscape conservation and enhancement.

Farms must have a plan for managing the environment, detailing action to protect and encourage wildlife diversity, including planting hedgerows and creating wildlife corridors. Pollution control and energy use are also important parts of the scheme, with specific controls on discharges to local watercourses, and energy use reviews by independent third parties. The Nature's Choice scheme is governed by a committee made up of suppliers, an independent academic, an auditor and Tesco managers.

Red Tractor

Assured Food Standards

The Red Tractor indicates that food is produced to independently inspected standards right across the food chain, from the farm on which it is produced until it goes into the pack. It provides shoppers with cast-iron assurance that those standards have been upheld every step of the way.

To meet their customers' expectations, food shops and food manufacturers must have complete confidence in the food they sell. Much of that trust comes from knowing where raw ingredients come from and the standards to which they're produced.

So by insisting their suppliers are independently inspected, shops and manufacturers can gain confidence and pass this straight on to consumers.


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