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Products: Pack of Beef                                      

A pack of beef actually consists of an eighth of a bullock:

Including topside roasting joints, prime cut steaks such as fillet, sirloin and rump, brazing and stewing steaks and mince.  The beef meat is kept chilled and a pack weighs approximately 25kg (55lbs)



All the meat we sell comes from animals that have been reared at Horlands farm.  If you would like to know more about our production process please follow this Cattle link.



Fresh Meat Never previously frozen. 

All our meat is professionally butchered locally and is sold in packs that are kept chilled and never previously frozen. Each piece of meat is labelled and vacuum packed ready for your freezer or for cooking straight away!


  Well Hung!

To enhance the flavour of the beef still further, our beef is hung for three weeks (21 days) Over this time the weight of the meat can reduce by as much as 15% through moisture loss.  This has the effect of concentrating the flavour and making the beef more tender.


When is the meat available?

As our animals eat a natural grass based diet; they grow slowly, enhancing their flavour.  Due to this the meat is only available at certain times of the year when the animals become mature.

As a guide:

  • Lamb is available in November and February.

  • Beef is available in November, and March.

Once ordered, we will contact you by telephone, to let you know a time and date when your meat will be ready for collection. 



To order a pack of lamb/pack of beef,  please Email sales@horlandsfarm.com


though the Contact Us link.

Making sure you leave the following information:

Stating when you would like your pack of lamb/pack of beef and how  many packs you are ordering:

Your Full Name:

Your Telephone Number including area code:

Your Email:

Your Postal Address:

Many thanks and we look forward to meeting you.

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